Robotic Surgery for Pelvic Pathology - Hands-on Training Course

Period: 03.12.2020 - 03.12.2020

The workshop, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians is addressed to specialist and primary surgeons in general, urological, and gynecological surgery, specialized in laparoscopic surgery, having interest in learning the necessary techniques for performing robotic assisted laparoscopic interventions.

Objectives of the workshop:
- acquiring basic principles in robotic assisted interventions;
- getting familiar with the functioning, operation and instruments of da VinciĀ® XI surgical system;
- getting familiar with the robot installation and the robotic surgical instruments;
- acquiring the principles of patient positioning and approach;
- getting familiar with the robotic assisted technique for making sutures and intracorporeal nodes;
- acquiring techniques that increase efficiency and reduce the risks of robotic assisted surgery;
- acquiring the techniques for dissection, use of monopolar, bipolar electrosurgery, using da VinciĀ® XI surgical robotic system.
The workshop comprises theoretical lectures, video presentations, surgical demonstrations, case discussions, practical exercises with training in virtual reality and on functional tissues.

Enroll to this course is not available.