ICG guided surgery

Period: 10.02.2022 - 11.02.2022

Accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians with 12 CME credits, this hands-on workshop is addressed to resident physicians and general surgery specialists, with interest in colorectal surgery, oncological surgery and abdominal emergency surgery.

During this event, the participants will receive information about:

- the physical phenomenon of fluorescence and its applicability in medicine, with a role in the functional exploration of tissue perfusion;

- computerized interpretation of images obtained after ICG injection, with a role in identifying anatomical structures and assessing their perfusion;

- adapting surgical techniques based on the information obtained after ICG injection;

- introducing this technique for visualizing tissue perfusion in the surgical practice;

- the correct usage of ICG visualization technology and they will handle the necessary technology for visualizing fluorescent substances used in both classical and minimally invasive surgery;

- establishing the indication and contraindication of this method;

- drafting their own ICG injection protocols, adapted to the approached surgical pathology;

- interpreting lymphography and real-time assessment of tissue perfusion, intraoperatively, after administering ICG;

- ICG administration protocols (intravenously, endoscopically) adapted to the type of surgery;

- indications of the method, protocols applied in international surgery centers, methods of administering depending on the desired assessments (vascular or lymphatic), particular cases, anatomical variants, atypical locations of the structures identified by ICG.

Participants will apply on anatomical models the basic maneuvers necessary for injecting, visualizing and interpreting the obtained images. They will practice the fluorescent injection maneuvers on different models, including functional tissues, followed by vascular or lymphatic dissections.

The workshop includes live surgery, theoretical lectures, case discussions, comments, videos, practical exercises on models and functional tissues, training and handling the technology used to visualize ICG in open or minimally invasive surgical techniques.