Minimally Invasive Techniques for Gynecological Pathology - FULLY BOOKED

Period: 01.03.2023 - 03.03.2023

Accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians with 18 CME credits and endorsed by EAES, this hands-on workshop is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in general surgery, gynecology, with basic or medium experience in laparoscopic surgery.

During the event, the attendants:
- will develop the ability to recognize laparoscopy instruments and will be able to decide what techniques to use;
- will learn to safely establish the pneumoperitoneum;
- will handle the camera so that it can provide optimal images;
- will practice the handiness of the right hand and of the left hand, in order to learn the correct gestures for: manipulation of abdominal structures, sharp and blunt dissection, diathermic coagulation, clipping, sectioning, inserting drain tubes, extracting parts, closing trocar holes;
- will learn the necessary knowledge for the correct use of electrosurgical instruments;
- will learn the simple modalities to perform laparoscopic nodes;
- will have the necessary knowledge in the field of laparoscopic surgical anatomy of pelvis;
- will have the necessary knowledge for the correct positioning of the patient in gynecological laparoscopic surgery, as well as the positioning of trocars, the organization of the operating room for gynecological laparoscopic surgery;
- will learn about the accidents and incidents that may occur during a laparoscopic intervention and the best modalities to resolve them;
- will learn the modality of performing the techniques for laparoscopic adnexectomy, hysterectomy and myomectomy.

This workshop comprises live surgery, theoretical lectures, case discussions, comments, video films, practice on pelvitrainer and POP-trainer, practice on functional tissues.

At the end of the event you will be more confident in your possibilities and your practical skills concerning the application of elementary techniques concerning gynecological laparoscopic surgery and you will be able to start using the minimally-invasive approach in your practice.
*Please be informed that there is a risk of inhaling anesthetic gas at this event, pregnant women should not register.

Enroll to this course is not available.