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Minimally Invasive Techniques for Colorectal Pathology

Period: 08.04.2019 - 10.04.2019

The workshop accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in general surgery, gynecology, with little or medium experience in laparoscopic surgery.
At the end of the workshop participants:
- will practice the manual of the right hand and of the left hand to have the correct gestures of: handling the abdominal structures, sharp dissection or sprain, diatermal coagulation, clipping, cutting, stapling, inserting the drain tubes, extracting the parts, closing the trocar holes;
- they will have the necessary knowledge to use the electrosurgical instruments correctly;
- learn the simple ways of performing laparoscopic nodes;
- will have the necessary knowledge to perform mechanical anastomoses correctly;
- have the necessary knowledge of surgical laparoscopic anatomy of the pelvis;
- will have the necessary knowledge of the correct positioning of the patient in the interventions of colorectal laparoscopic surgery, as well as the positioning of the trocars, the organization of the surgery room for colorectal laparoscopic surgery;
- will have knowledge of the incidents and incidents during laparoscopic surgery and the best ways to solve them;
- will learn the way and stages of performing the right hemicolectomy techniques, left hemicolectomy, complete excision for rectal cancer through laparoscopic approach.
The workshop includes live demonstrations, theoretical lectures, case discussions, commentaries, videos, practical exercises aon functional tissues.
At the end of the course you will be more confident in your practical possibilities and skills to apply the basic techniques of colorectal laparoscopic surgery and you will be able to start using the minimally-invasive approach to colorectal surgery.