Interventional Ultrasound Techniques for Breast. Tumor Localization and Biopsy

Period: 22.04.2019 - 22.04.2019

The workshop, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians, is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in general surgery and gynecology, with little or medium experience in general ultrasound, having clinical involvement in the diagnosis and treatment of breast tumors.

The workshop comprises theoretical lectures, video presentations, case discussions, practice on pelvitrainer, POP-trainer and functional tissues.

During the workshop, the attendants:

- will learn to use in optimal parameters different types of probes and devices;

- will learn to use the imaging chain to provide quality images during invasive procedures at the breast level;

- will acquire the necessary knowledge for spatial orientation and correct interpretation of the surgical anatomy of breast, seen from the perspective of the ultrasound approach;

- will acquire the necessary knowledge for the correct diagnosing of pathological lesions at the level of breast or axillary lymph nodes;

- will acquire the necessary knowledge for the correct use of modern biopsy devices;

- will practice the handiness of the right hand and of the left hand, in order to learn the correct gestures for the manipulation of the ultrasound probes, and the biopsy and harpooning devices;

- will practice the tumor biopsy, the puncture / evacuation of breast cysts or collections, the insertion of harpoons in breast structures, the targeted application to metallic clips for tumor or lymph node marking;

- will learn the simple modalities to perform laparoscopic surgical nodes;

- will acquire the necessary knowledge for increasing the efficiency of the gestures during invasive maneuvers (biopsy, clipping, harpooning) and reducing the intraoperative risks and incidents.

At the end of the workshop, you will be more confident in your theoretical knowledge and your practical skills concerning the performance of invasive maneuvers for breast pathology and you will be able to start using these techniques in your current practice.

The number of possible attendants is limited to 12.

The attendance fee is 150 euros for ARCE / EAES members and 200 euros for non-members.

For more information and registration, please contact us by telephone at the mobile telephone number ¬0752288019 or on e-mail at the address
coordinated by
Asoc. Prof. Dr. Catalin Copaescu MD, PhD

Simona Filip
Dr. Dana Nedelcu
Dr. Gerald Filip

There are no seats left for this course unfortunately.