Difficult Airway Workshop – Bronchoscopy and Invasive Techniques in Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Period: 31.10.2019 - 01.09.2019

This workshop, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in anesthesia and intensive care.

The practical part consists of:

- practicing videolarignoscopy (video stilettos, spark plugs, exchangers and intubation by optic fibroscopy with 2 operators);

- using supraglottic devices (ventilation, SGD intubation, intubation with flexible fibroscopy through SGD/Aintree);

- practicing the intubation through flexible fibroscopy (local anesthesia, intubation through oral and nasal optical fibroscopy);

- techniques for pulmonary separation and other minimally invasive techniques (cricotiotomy, percutaneous tracheostomy).

The workshop comprises live surgical demonstrations, theoretical lectures, case discussions, comments, video films, practical exercises on model and on functional tissues.

Enroll to this course is not available.