Tracheobronchial surgery and dissection techniques with energetic instruments

Period: 01.10.2020 - 02.10.2020

The workshop accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians is addressed to resident doctors and specialists in thoracic surgery, with little or medium experience.

The event aims to accommodate students with modern imaging, bronchoscopic evaluation of patients with tracheobronchial pathology, understanding the basic anesthetic principles in addressing this pathology and the pathological substrate.

During this workshop will be presented energy tools with their advantages and limitations, dissection techniques around the tracheobronchial tree with preservation of its vascularity and protection of the nerves that accompany the trachea, preparation of the bronchial abutment and types of anastomosis, tracheal and pulmonary release maneuvers which allow a slight approach of the tracheobronchial abutments.

The event includes theoretical lectures, practical exercises on mannequins and tissues, video presentations and case discussions with primary care physicians with experience in this pathology, which allow sharing the experience and elucidating the dilemmas of a young surgeon.

This workshop is privileged by the online participation of Dr. Rick Paul (Amsterdam, Netherlands), primary thoracic surgeon, with extensive experience in thoracic trauma.

Enroll to this course is not available.