Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Breast Cancer and Melanoma - This event is fully booked!

Period: 12.10.2020 - 13.10.2020

Surgical Training Institute Bucharest organizes, under the aegis of ARCE, the „Techniques for Detection of Sentinel Lymph Node in Neoplasia" hands-on workshop.

The event, accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians, is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in general surgery, gynecology, specialized in oncological surgery, having interest in the modern (diagnostic and therapeutic) approach of neoplasia.

This workshop comprises live surgical demonstrations, theoretical lectures, video presentations, case discussions, practice on model and functional tissues. The attendants will perform the tracer injection techniques (ICG, PaternBlue) and the techniques for identification / dissection / excision of sentinel lymph nodes on functional tissues.

At the end of the 2 days, the attendants:

- will learn about the role of this surgical method in the staging and treatment of breast neoplasm and melanoma, of gynecological and gastrointestinal neoplasms;

- will have the necessary knowledge for interpreting the histopathological results of the sentinel lymph node analysis and how it influences the treatment of the oncological condition;

- will have the necessary knowledge for establishing the indication and contraindication of this diagnostic method;

- will have the necessary knowledge for choosing the right tracer to identify the sentinel lymph nodes in the staging of skin, gynecological or gastrointestinal neoplasms;

- will practice the maneuvers for identifying the anatomical areas, injected with the radioactive tracer, and the sentinel lymph nodes presenting radioactive load;

- will practice the maneuvers for ICG injection, for classical or laparoscopic identification and dissection of the sentinel lymph nodes;

- will have the necessary knowledge for the application of sentinel lymph node excision protocols (indication, patient preparation, operative technique, postoperative care);

- will learn about the accidents and incidents that may occur during the surgical intervention for the biopsy of the sentinel lymph node.

At the end of the workshop you will be more confident in your possibilities and your practical skills concerning the application of elementary detection and biopsy techniques of the sentinel lymph node and you will be able to start using this modern diagnostic method applicable mainly to breast cancer and melanoma surgery, but with indications in other neoplasias too.

Enroll to this course is not available.