Interventional Ultrasound Techniques for Breast Tumor Localization and Biopsy - FULLY BOOKED

Period: 27.03.2023 - 28.03.2023

Accredited by the Romanian College of Physicians with 12CME credits, this workshop is addressed to resident physicians and specialists in General Surgery, Gynecology and Imaging, with an interest in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases.

During this event, participants will receive information concerning:

- standard investigations recommended for the diagnosis and staging of breast lesions;

- the specific aspect (echo, mammography, MRI) of the main diseases of the breast;

- ultrasound, mammographic and MRI semiology, imaging anatomy of the breast and armpit;

- indications and limits of each imaging method in the diagnosis of breast lesions;

- particular imaging aspects of malignant or benign breast tumors;

- the way in which the information provided by the imaging investigations completes the establishing of diagnosis and staging of breast cancer;

- protocols for performing imaging investigations;

- biopsy puncture of breast lesions under ultrasound guidance;

- imaging methods for preoperative localization of infraclinical lesions (mounting clips and harpoons).

During the hands-on sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to learn and perform ultrasound identification maneuvers for breast lesions, biopsy puncture with automatic or semi-automatic devices, mounting clips and metal wires to locate non-palpable lesions.

The interactive section of case presentations offers students the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge in the diagnosis and establishing of the therapeutic indication for the present breast lesions.

The workshop includes theoretical lectures about the main oncological imaging investigations, case presentations and discussions with the group of lecturers, video films, practical biopsy exercises and mounting of clips and harpoons on models under the guidance of experts.

There are no seats left for this course unfortunately.